Why Buy From Us?

Why buy a used piano from 88 Keys Piano instead of from a private seller in a local ad?

1. Your typical piano ad may look something like this: “Great deal on piano... get it out of my garage!” or: “Kids are out of the house and we don’t play it anymore—need to make room for new furniture—great deal on piano, if you move it yourself!”

These pianos are typically priced in the “great deal” range ... or are they?

We can’t tell you how many pianos we’ve tuned and serviced that have roach eggs, mice urine, and rat feces living underneath the keys, inside the sound board, and on the felts inside. You won’t notice this by just looking at the outside of your typical “great deal” piano. If the piano has been neglected, unplayed, kept in storage or a non-climate controlled area, or hasn’t been tuned and serviced yearly, it is a prime candidate for any of these unwelcome rodents to make their home! This is a common problem with all pianos as the warm and humid insides, combined with the mice-attracting felts, are a prime dwelling place for our itty bitty friends. Would you want your children playing a pretty looking piano where rodent feces and urine are caked underneath the keys?

All of the pianos we sell have gone through a scrutinous 25-point inspection, plus a professional cleaning and disinfecting inside and out. The piano is completely taken apart and the action is cleaned, as well as underneath the key pads and inside the actual body of the piano. All parts are lubricated, tightened, and adjusted to their very best sounding. When an “88 Keys” piano comes into your home, you can be sure that you’re getting a quality instrument, clean in every crack.

2. Had you considered tuning costs? Don’t be fooled into thinking that your new piano won’t need to be tuned once it arrives at your home. All pianos need to be tuned when they are moved, even if they’re only moved across a room! Our prices include a complimentary tuning once your piano has arrived at its destination. This value is worth at least $100. So the next time you see that “great deal” piano, don’t forget to call your local tuner to see what their fee will be!

3. Had you considered moving costs? Movers’ fees start at $200 and up, if you have no steps. Why not trust your next piano move to the ones who know the instrument inside and out? An upright piano has 5000-6000 moving parts, and a grand piano has over 10,000! Leave your next instrument move in the hands of those that service and work on those parts every day.

Buyer beware of that “great deal!” Call 88 Keys Piano (912) 988-KEYS today.